Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bug house

Bug house is the name we call homes that are being tented and fumigated for termites. My oldest coined the term when she was a wee one, and it has stuck - we point these bug houses out to each other whenever we happen to pass one on our drives about the city.

But this post is about an actual bug house. A house for bugs, not the tenting of a house for the elimination of bugs.

Some background: my girls all developed a love for roly polys during preschool. Especially the two that went to Jacquie's preschool. There always seemed to be a plethora of roly polys there -- making that already awesome school all the more awesome.

But preschool is in the past for all of my kids. There are not as many roly polys in our lives anymore. It's a bit sad.

But when my youngest did come across some last weekend? Well, she had some fun with those little guys.

And there were lots of them.

She rounded them up.

But she was worried her slightly barren spot might be a bit too sunny for the guys.

So she got to work.

Construction phase

Finished product

Let's just hope they don't get termites!

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bridal Chariot

We had everything ready. The Westy Bridal Chariot was prepped and ready for our girls.

We were prepared.
What we weren't prepared for was the emotion of it all.

Our girls. Getting all hitched up.

The bride . . .

. . . and the bride . . .

. . . and their friend, Ledgie Light.

Our boy Jelly Roll was in the house, er, on the beach . . .

. . . as was our Greta-girl.

It was all a vision of loveliness.

There was bubbly . . .

. . . there were friends . . .

. . . and there were brides.

And there was a whole lotta love:

We were perfectly brave and perfectly fine until Rachel's mom and dad Marcie and Howie sang and spoke.

Then we were all a mess.

And Michelle's mom Elaine made it all just even betterly worse.

Smoochie-smooch . . .

. . . and drinkie-drink . . .

. . . and buckets of happiness.

Rachel's brother David married the brides, which was sublime, and the girls' sistah Jess provided biblical amounts of bubbly and wine . . . it was like the wedding at Cana.

Kat and Lauren . . .

Kendra and Ashley . . . 

It was a magically spectacular April afternoon . . .

It was one for the ages . . .

Our girls . . .

Rachel + Michelle . . .

. . . forever.

Friday, April 22, 2016

friday hodgepodge

Sigh. Prince.

I'd just like to suggest that everyone knock it off with the dying, okay? Enough.

In the meantime, here's what's been going on around these part:

lots of this, finally

 slo-mo transformation of this 

these two

I took a big step on yahoo... multiply this step by about 50 

big step!

stinky room forced a slumber party with best friends

This kid is all settled in to her new family

I found this in a box and it is my new everything

I'm on a health kick and also obsessed with chopped salads

progress! it's all white like a sanitorium, but she did allow those plants and the beautiful tapestry that my sister Jane brought back for me from Florence 8 million years ago

my knee looking like a conehead scalp during a little early morning desk assembly
So, clearly it's a rollercoaster of excitement around here. What's new with you?