Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You really don't know me at all!

I have received three letters and one postcard from my unsolicited pen pal since the beginning of October. He continues to let me know how many years we have known each other --18 apparently, since September of 1998, "even if you've [I have] been out now and then having three daughters." He recounts things such as where I eat lunch, how I prefer to pick it up and eat in the office, and how long he has known my ex-husband and other people in his office building.

He even includes friendly sentiments, such as, "I hope your kids are growing up getting their homework done, and getting good grades in high school, middle school, and elementary school."

And although it can't be denied that he does have an uncanny recall of my luncheon preferences and family life, he really does not know me at all! Because, c'mon, really? What friend would ever send me this?

This is something you would send to Ellie (not to me or you*, just Ellie).

Although, actually, she probably already knows this stuff. So, for those of you who don't know, but may care, enjoy - the 2015 Thanksgiving Day football schedule. 

* = Jacquie

Monday, November 23, 2015

When We Roamed The Earth

Approximately 15 million years ago, Mistah and I roamed the Earth.

Before that, we lived regular, normal lives. We worked. We commuted -- Schleck by car, me by train -- and we had a lot of fun always, all the time, ever.

And then we Hit The Road.

And we had a lot of fun always, all the time, ever.

We Roamed the Earth for the better part of 8 years. And now, all of a sudden, we've been in New London for the better part of 8 years.

 And we have a lot of fun always, all the time, ever.

I think this calls for that old favorite "close your eyes and point to a photo on iphoto" game.


Let's *do* this thing.

Wait, what?

Oh my GOD.

 Okay this is the worst game ever.

 Oh wait! No it's not!!

 Aw, Ledgie made the cut . . .

 As did Dorothy . . .

And so did our habaneros.

 Can I not delete? Is that not in the spirit of the game?

 Can I not?

Aw jeez. And we don't even get the plumber's -- er, roofer's -- butt.

Okay, so, perhaps this was a bad idea.

Why couldn't *this* have made it?

Or this??

But still. We Roam The Earth.

And that's something, right?

I mean, it could be this.

But instead, 5 million years later . . .

. . . it's this.

Friday, November 20, 2015

scenes from mah birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, which I usually acknowledge with a link to my best ever birthday post, which you've probably been bullied into reading before, but should read again because it's awesome. Go ahead, we'll wait. 


So, a millionty years later, it's my birthday aGAIN, for the luvva. Here's how it went:

not pictured: morning presents sesh from my lovely family. oops and sorry. 

arrived at work to find this on my desk, which is super duper sweet even though I loathe wheat beer.

then a surprise appearance by my girl Janet! with those gorgeous vibrant roses and a rockin balloon. I love me some Janet.
later that day, Erika festooned my regular yoga spot with a trio of birthday candles!

Then we went to Old Town for my girl's first high school exhibition

nailed it.

It was thirsty work for some of us. 

Then home, for wishes

I can't reveal my wish...

but if you guessed health, happiness, and harmony for my peeps? you'd be on the right track
Happy Birthday to ME!